Being an empath can be difficult.  Especially more so if you do not realise you are an empath.

The definition of an empath in the Oxford dictionary is, ‘a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.’

Some people associate empaths with having hyper sensitive personalities.  Although the traits can be very similar, an empath is able to pick up on the feelings and emotions of others very quickly.  Sometimes without noticing, they take on these same emotions as their own.  Often they do not know why their feelings have switched so quickly.  From one moment feeling ok, the next to feeling really low, or really hyper, depending on the emotions of the other.

Empaths often become sponges to other peoples emotions.  When empaths are around other positive people, they pick up on these emotions and this is great.  However when around people who are depressed, they can find themselves being drained of energy, and feeling low themselves.

For empaths it can be difficult to distinguish their emotions and feelings from other peoples.  This can be difficult to deal with, as often in times the empaths feeling will hit a low, in a second, and they may not be aware of why.  This is more commonly true, when the person does not realise they are an empath.

Empaths often like to spend time alone.  This is when they can decompress their emotions, and feel their own emotions.  Empaths often do not build their own boundaries, which is what allows the taking on of other peoples emotions.

Once you identify yourself as an empath, you are able to take the steps to protect your inner emotions and not suck in all of the emotions around them.  One important things empaths need to do is learn to separate their emotions from others.  Being an empath can be very overwhelming and emotionally draining at times.  They often find it difficult to be in crowds.

When you feel overridden with emotion and don’t know why, you need to ask yourself the questions, what emotion am I feeling?  is it my emotion? if so, what is causing me to feel this way?

Empaths often end up with addictions, including drug, alcohol or sex addictions.  This is how they are able to block the emotions the feelings they frequently found themselves over ridden with.

It is very important for empaths to practice self love, and look after themselves.  When we are able to do this, it automatically creates a boundary, this allows us to protect ourselves more, and not be so open for others as an emotional dumping ground.  When you start to neglect yourself emotionally and physically, that is when we allow others emotions to be mixed up with our own.

Once we practice self care, it allows us to feel more of ourselves and our feelings, which makes us able to differentiate our feelings and emotions from others easier.  Once empaths practice self care, it allows them to let go of the feelings they have taken on from others.

Often with empaths, they believe if everyone around them is ok they will feel ok.  It is important to realise as an empath, where your emotion ends, and what you have picked up from someone else.

For empaths, being in relationships can also feel very difficult, they often take on the others emotions but do not realise.  They often over think situations and take any disagreements or fallouts they may have had upon themselves and believe it was all or their fault.  This is because they are able to identify so closely with the feeling of the other.  However, this in turn means, that we often ignore our own feelings.

I remember myself, when I was with an ex-partner, when we would have a falling out, I would often over think the situation, the contributing factors and believe it was all my fault.  I remember, I used to feel that it was better for me to feel the negative emotions. The thought of someone else going through these feelings, made me feel awful.  It felt easier for me to take on all the negativity as I could not handle the guilt of someone else feeling that way.  This left me open to receiving all negativity from others, and to a certain extent I turned myself into a emotional punching bag.

Alongside that, because I was too caught up in others and how they felt, I would often ignore my own gut feelings and go along with another persons wanting.  This was so I did not need to feel the guilt, of the other person not getting what they want.  As you can imagine this in turn left me with a number of difficult emotions within myself that I found difficult to deal with or let go of.

I found myself in many different situations, where I would over analyse my actions, and would after regret not following my gut feeling, to spare the other persons feelings.  The difficult things empaths face is, if they push their own feelings, we often take on the feelings of the person we feel we have let down.  So even though we have followed our gut, we can not stop the negative feeling within ourselves.

This is another reason it is important for empaths to put up their own boundaries, and to practice self love, so they have more of a sense of themselves.  Empaths will also pick up on the feelings of others and their first instinct will be to want to help.  When an empath is unable to help the other person they often find it difficult to deal with the feelings they conjure up inside, as they feel helpless, and can not handle knowing another person is feeling a certain way.

As empaths we need to come to the realisation that although we can help others, we also need to put ourselves and our own emotions first.  If we do not do this, we often get lost in the emotions around us, and find it difficult to identify our emotions from others.

One way for empaths to ground themselves is by meditating, this allows us to listen a reconnect with our own intuition.  The more and more we practice this, we will notice the feeling of our own intuition become stronger the more we practice.

Empaths are often seen as emotionally strong people, and we are naturally.  However, what others do not understand is that, whilst we wear the smile on our faces, and are listening to others and their problems, inside sometimes we can be in total chaos because we are taking in the sadness and emotion around us.  Us empaths would never let this on, as we would not want the other person to feel the guilt of what was happening inside us.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I hope you find this helpful 🙂 xx

You Can do Anything You Want Too!

Just this morning, during a conversation with someone, for the purpose of this story we’ll call her Jenny.  I was trying to explain my vision of what I wanted to achieve for my future.  Jenny could not understand my thoughts and ideas.  However, after feeling like I’ve held myself back for so long, now grasping on to the idea that I can do anything I want, with the right determination, mind and attitude I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

During the conversation, I was explaining why I did not want to go for a higher position with my current company.  I explained after moving from big company to big company.  I no longer wanted to work my way up in these sort of companies.  I explained I wanted to be something bigger that inspired people particularly younger children.  Jenny kept telling me how confused she was about what I was saying.

I again explained, I had been going from job to job, but after a while of starting a new job, I always had the feeling inside me that I could do so much more.  I explained if I were to go for a higher role in my current company, it would distract me from pursuing what I had actually wanted to do.  I told her now was my time.  So I needed to keep my current role, in order to live day to day pay my bills etc.  But with my position being what it was, It allowed me time of my own, before, and after work to pursue my real dreams.  Again Jenny kept telling me how confused she was, and also advised me the confusion maybe in fact, in my head, and may have been coming across in the way I was talking.

I had told her I would start writing and practicing the talks I wanted to deliver, and I explained when my opportunity came, which I knew it would I wanted to be prepared.  I also explained I wanted to be the best at what I did.  I explained I understood there would be steps I needed to take, to get to the place I wanted to be.  I also understood although I may not have the direct path now.  In my spare time if I focused on my dream, and pursuing all the different opportunities I knew a path would open up for me, and when that time came I wanted to be ready to grasp it with both hands.

To Jenny all of this seemed quite alien to her, and she kept talking to me about the reality, and I kept trying to explain my points and she kept trying to get across hers.  In the end I allowed Jenny to have her opinion, in my own mind I got the impression she thought I was either delusional, or just not capable of achieving my dreams.  Jenny is a highly educated individual, and from the impression I get she is very successful in her field of work.  However, whilst I was trying to bring her into my vision, it felt as though maybe she did not believe I could do it.

After my conversation with Jenny I felt a little defeated, and thought maybe me wanting to reach my dreams was just a distant image which I would not be able to grasp.  I thought about it for a while and began to start doubting myself.  After a short while of dwelling on the reasons I could not do it and why Jenny was right.  I stopped myself mid thought.  I thought ‘hang on a minute, why am I doing this to myself’ and I realised Jenny may have not been able to see my dream.  She may have thought I was not capable, but who cares?  I knew I could.  After growing up believing I would not amount to the things I wanted to, after being told time and time again I could not do this that or the other.  It occurred to me I was allowing myself, to put my ideas aside and take Jenny’s view on things.  ‘Why am I doing this I thought?’

After my conversation I came home and believed in my dream more than ever.  I even had other thoughts and ideas about how to improve other areas of my life.  I set about putting up reminders of the things I needed to do but had recently been to lazy to do, always telling myself I would do it tomorrow and start again tomorrow.  If your anything like me sooner or later tomorrow turns into never.

After a while of going over my conversation with Jenny in my head, I began to feel grateful for the conversation, and I realised it had given me more determination more drive to pursue my dream even harder.  It had also inspired me to sort out other areas of my life, I created a meal plan, thinking when my dream opportunity arrived I wanted to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.  I set my daily exercise routine out.  I moved my living room around so where I sat the light shone directly on me.  I completed a few tasks that I had allowed to be rolling on from day to day.

After doing all of these things I was back up there determined, and more raring to go then ever before.  I thought just because someone who I had known for almost nine years, had not believed in me, this did not mean I did not believe in myself.  All of the doubts and questions she had posed to me were her doubts.  I was not willing to take them on board.  Instead of allowing that situation to bring me down I used it as a well needed kick up my behind, and I felt like I was standing taller then ever.  I thought next time I’m am told I would not be able to achieve something I would allow the other person to have their opinion, I would not loose my patience with them, I would simply take it as water off a ducks back.

I had also thought if Jenny did not believe I could do it, that was her issue and should not define my opinion of me.  Point is in life if you have a dream or a goal.  Hold it in your mind.  You may not know today how you will achieve your goal but you do not need to.  All you need to do is figure out the very next step.  As I had explained to Jenny I was going to start practising the types of talks I wanted to give, so when the opportunity arose, which I know it will, I will be prepared.  I’ll probably still go through all of the normal emotions like being nervous, unsure, I’ll probably even try and talk myself out of it.  However, i will deal with all of these normal things with an advantage.  I will have my talk drilled into my mind I will have practised and practised, over and over.  I will have placed myself in the best possible position for me, once all the self defeating talk is over and pushed aside I will be able to shine.  I will be able to do the most important thing, I will be able to live my dreams!

Never let someone else’s thoughts or opinions put a doubt in your mind, and never allow it to stop you from following your dreams.  Always remember set backs will happen but it is how you deal with them, and as long as when the set backs occur you keep getting back up and trying again, there is no such thing as failure.  Failure only occurs when you stop getting back up and stop trying.

‘It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared’.  Whitney Young JR.

Always follows your dreams!

True Happiness Comes From Within

I find a lot of the time, when people are not happy in their lives, they always look externally for the fix.  Why do we do this?  True happiness comes from within, and people who are truly happy seem to radiate their happy energy on to others.

When we are not truly happy with ourselves, no matter where we go to find our fix, we always end up back in the same place.  People often feel an emptiness inside which they are always trying to fill.  Truth is until we figure out how to be content with ourselves we will always be looking externally, and although we may temporarily be able to fill the gap, at some stage or another, it will creep back in.  As humans we automatically look for the next thing to fill that gap.

We depend on other people and other things to make us feel good and content.  We some how believe when we get the car we want, the house, the girlfriend/boyfriend, the money etc. we will then be happy.  Then we find when we have the car, the house, the relationship, the money etc. after the intial buzz of getting it, we find that feeling comes back.  After a while the feeling of getting the thing we thought we wanted wears off, and were on to the next desire.  Most people spend their whole life moving from, the wanting of one thing to the next.

This generally stems from the insecurity of not being good enough and not being happy with ourselves.  Until we are able to love ourselves flaws and all, we will always be looking externally for the next fix to make us feel better.

This is also true with drug and alcohol addictions.  We are not happy with just being, we need to intoxicate ourselves to be able to just be.  Some people in life never stop and just take in the moment, or if they do they need to be intoxicated to be able to sit in it.

Anyone who has ever been under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both will know, on the outside they seem chilled out, when under the influence the mind does not stop.  The cogs in your head keep going, no matter how calm you may look on the surface.  Depending on the addiction this sometimes also gets turned around.  When you are so used to being under the influence of substances, you feel calm however the anxiety of needing your next hit soon kicks in and your mind is ticking away thinking about how to get it.  This can make many situations considered ‘normal’ very difficult.

If you are used to having a substance daily, and you are required to go away maybe with a work trip or a family occasion, the mind automatically starts to think of what to do if you are unable to carry on your daily habit.  We begin to get anxious leading up to the event.  Trying to figure out, over and over in our minds, how we can keep up this habit, and also, for it to be unnoticed by those around us.  This is one of the main causes of why someone who is addicted to a substance (although even they may not realise they are addicted) become anti-social.  They form a relationship with their ‘outlet’ which comes above everything else.

Until one is happy with ones self, nothing we do or use to escape will ever bring us the contentment and self love we desire.  But whilst under the influence because these feelings are temporarily blocked, we associate the feelings and see the addiction as the fix.

People with addictive personalities are usually the people who have been told throughout life they are not good enough, or are made to feel that way by external influences.  The main influence is normally our families, or people close to us.  Others may not do or say these things intentionally, it may merely because they had the same external forces through out life, it’s quite simple, it is all they know.  They don’t know how to be a different way.  There is no point trying to change these people by verbally saying anything.  Sometimes we need to show them a different way.

By no means am I saying don’t try to talk to them and tell them how you feel.  If you think the person will understand and take your points on board then that’s great, it makes things easier.  However, if that person/people have also been bought up this way they will not see what they are doing as wrong.

The best way of people learning a new way is by experiencing it themselves.  When they get that good feeling and identify kindness is the source, if they want to keep hold of that feeling, they will then carry out similar if not the same actions to experience that feeling again.  Ever heard the term people mirror each other? it’s true!  What’s more, the more we behave this way and treat others with compassion and kindness, we get a good feeling within ourselves, and it makes us feel up lifted.

Another reason people find it difficult to be happy with themselves, is because as humans we hold on to the past.  We replay situations and daily events over and over in our heads.  We think of all of the other outcomes that could have been other then the one that was.  Normally the thoughts we dwell over and keep replaying are the things we consider negative and bad, and they bring back that feeling of worthlessness and emptiness.  This then turns into a vicious cycle and for addicts this is usually where they use their fix to rid the feelings.

When we perceive a situation as bad or wrong we need to take a step back, and take a big deep breath.  We need to stop thinking about the worse case scenario as though it has already happened, and we need to bring ourselves back to the present moment.  No situation is ever as bad as it seems, it’s only as bad as we allow it to be.

I had a very difficult time trying to figure out how stop my mind from over thinking these awful situations, which nine times out of 10 never actually happened.  One day whilst listening to a reading from the Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm, he said something so simple which made so much sense, ‘Good? Bad? Who knows?’.  As soon as I heard that saying, I felt something noticeably switch inside me and everything felt a lot lighter.

After a while of pondering over it, I came to realise it had bought me into the present moment.  Whatever the situation I was thinking about, I didn’t know what would happen, and then I had what felt like a light bulb moment, patience that was the key that was what I had needed to be.  I’ve always considered myself a very patient person.  However, again for me I way always told by people close to me, that I was not, and I believed them.  In fact, after hearing this over and over, I became inpatient with them, I became what their opinion of me was, with them.  I found this rather amusing.  When I was around different people, they would always comment on how patient and chilled out I was, because they allowed me to just be me.

As humans we will all have moments, where we may get angry, impatient, insecure etc.  It’s normal, but we need to be kind to ourselves, and tell ourselves it’s fine, we understand we are feeling a certain way in the present moment, but also be aware the feeling will pass.  When the feeling is there, feel it.  By doing this you also allow yourself to see how strong you are emotionally.  When you feel negative feelings, don’t try to block them embrace them, and accept they are just another part of you, for that moment whilst they are there.  Then be proud of yourself for allowing yourself to feel, and for getting past that feeling.

People will always see you from their own perception, people judge others by their own standards.  As Les Brown said, ‘never become someone else’s, opinion of you’.  Spend time with yourself, read books do things you enjoy, experience the little pleasures in life, like walking on fresh grass with no shoes, the smell of fresh flowers, the sound of the birds chirping in the morning.  Take a moment to look around you and look at the beauty within nature.  Find what makes you happy, and when you identify it, do it more, make a point of making time in your life to be able to do the things you enjoy regardless of the opinions others.  Never allow other people, too make you feel any less, just because they may not understand  the things that make you happy.  Like the old African proverb says, ‘When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you’.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  🙂 xx

Things To Remember, When You’re Feeling Down…

‘This To Shall Pass’
This is a proverb from the medieval Levent (Persian, Hebrew and Turkey) around 1200AD.
Everything in life is temporary, whether you are going through good or bad times it won’t last.
As humans one of the biggest mistakes we make is dwelling to much on the bad times, which makes us feel
like they last longer.  Another thing we do sometimes as humans is when we are going through good times, we worry they won’t last
and the good feeling doesn’t last as long as it could.  Its true good times will not last either, which is why we should enjoy the feeling
whilst we have it.
‘Nothing Is As Bad As It Seems’
Said by Christopher pike, the full quote is ‘Nothing is as it seems. Black can appear white when
the light is blinding but white loses all luster at the faintest sign of darkness’
This again is very true, when we are going through difficult times in life, we dwell so much on the situation
we end up going down a dark path in our minds, and our thoughts start spiralling out of control.  We wish we could turn back time
and change the outcome of certain events.  Before we know it we’ve spent minutes, hours, days wishing we could change the outcome of events in our lives.
During these times we often let the good things in life pass us by unnoticed, because we are so focused on what has gone wrong,
we forget the many things that are going right in our life.
‘Good? Bad? Who Knows?’
I first heard this whilst listening to readings by Ajhan Brahm, and it gave me a whole different perception.
It allowed me to bring myself into the present moment, and to remember, we don’t know why certain things happen in life.
However if we allow things to be as they are, we allow for things to get better.  As humans we like to control.  When we try to control a situation
this normally comes from the fear of not knowing of what will happen, and worrying things may not turn out the way we want them to.
learning to let go allows us to welcome new things and beginning into our lives.
You Are AMAZING!!!!
The current world population whilst I am writing this article is 7,401,895,125.  In the time of writing these few words its gone up even more.
However, you are the only you!  You are unique, you are beautiful and you are amazing.  As Dr Seuss said, ‘Today you are you!
That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!’ Embrace yourself be kind to yourself, and remember there will never be another you.
This goes very well, in line with ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’ another quote by Dr Seuss.

The little things in life, that make a big difference :)

  • Getting into a freshly made bed.
  • Waking up in the morning, with the sunlight shining through your curtains.


  • Coming home to a nice warm house, when it’s cold outside.
  • A baby giggling.
  • Puppies and kittens.

puppies and kittens

  • Dancing like no one is watching
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Getting into a nice warm bubble bath.
  • Getting into slippers after wearing heels all day.


  • Singing in the shower
  • Feeling the sun shining on you
  • A hug


  • A smile from a stranger, (always remember smiling is contagious)
  • When you just make the deadline.
  • A baby’s smile

baby smile

  • Always knowing tomorrow is a brand new day
  • Eating your favourite meal
  • The feeling of giving.


  • The smell of a brand new book.
  • Making the train at the last minute
  • Marking things off your to do list
  • Being in the right place at the right time.

right place

  • Catching up with an old friend.
  • Meeting a new friend
  • That feeling when you realise, everything will be ok.
  • Seeing the person you love smile
  • Watching a beautiful sunset.

beautiful sunset

  • Feeling gratitude and content for what you have.

Thoughts create our reality…Think good thoughts!

Hello lovely people,

This is going to be a simple post, but if you haven’t heard of the concept before, it may be a little difficult to get your mind around.  We all create our own reality.  Where you are today in life is a is the result of your own thoughts.  To change your reality change your thoughts.  Many people I know, think this is a silly concept.  however whether you believe it or not it’s true.  This whole world is made of different energies.

Our energies can vibrate at a low frequencies, this is normally when we are depressed, anxious, scared etc.  When we are vibrating at this low frequency we attract more things also vibrating on this frequency.  Ever heard the term ‘Like attracts like’?  It’s true!  When we are vibrating on high frequencies, happy, excited, joyful etc.  We attract more of that, because like attracts like.  The strongest emotion/feeling we can have as humans is love.  Ever notice when your in love whether it be with a partner, a pet your family members etc, inside your body and mind you feel light as a feather.  Allowing ourselves to be on this higher vibrational frequency allows us to attract more, of the things that allow us to be on this frequency into our lives.

You need you be mindful of what your thoughts consist of.  We are what we believe we are.  We have all come to Earth with the same tools, but I’m sure we all notice some people seem to be high flyers, and others get by day to day.  One of the main differences between the two types of people are the beliefs they hold about themselves.  Always remember, you are capable of anything you believe you are!  All of the objects and tools we utilise today were once a thought in someone’s mind.  Aeroplanes, electricity, cars, washing machines, even simple things like pens that we don’t really think about, but most people utilise daily.  The list is endless, but always remember everything, was first a thought, which is what began the process of it being invented.

If you feel you are vibrating at a low frequency, chances are, your probably right.  Make the decision today to start thinking good thoughts.  Change how you feel and change your perception.  One thing to help you get on to the higher frequency, is to start seeing all the things you have to be grateful for.  Gratitude is very important, when you are happy and appreciate what you already have, you begin to attract more of it into your life.  If you don’t think you have anything to be thank full for you’re wrong.  Be thankful for your health, be thankful for your friends and family, be thankful for the breakfast you ate, be thankful for the great tasting coffee, be thankful for your organs be thankful for the trees that allow us to breathe.  There’s ALWAYS! something to be thankful for.  You’ll find once you start to notice things that you are grateful for, you’ll begin noticing more and more.  You will be consciously changing your thoughts.  Without realising you will be retraining your mind.

Psychologists have told us, it takes our mind 21 days to form a habit.  Whether that be giving up a habit such as smoking, or whether that be forming a new habit you would like to take on, such as meditating, exercising etc.  Our minds are made up of two parts, the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind.  The conscious mind is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning.  The subconscious mind is the part of your mind responsible for all of your involuntary actions. Your breathing rate and heart beats are controlled by your subconscious mind.  If we want to change something or the thoughts we hold, if we keep repeating something in our conscious mind, it will eventually go into our sub-conscious mind.  Keeping positive thoughts in your head for 21 days will retrain your subconscious mind, and also your expectation.



The thoughts and ideas we have about ourselves, are the things we have been taught to believe over the years whilst growing up, we listen to and take in what others think and believe about us.  Without realising they become our beliefs about ourselves.  If whilst growing up you have been told you would never amount to anything, chances are 9/10 times, the person does not amount to anything, and also believe, they are not good enough to achieve anything and will go through life with that mind set.  On the contrary, if whilst growing up you were always told how amazing you are (and you are amazing!!!) you will have that self belief and go out into the world with that belief.  There will always be obstacles along the way, however with the correct belief system about yourself, you will not let the obstacles get in your way, you will find a way to overcome them and carry on about your journey of achieving whatever it was you set out to achieve.

Positive affirmations, if used correctly are a great way of changing your belief system about yourself.  Make a list of all the things you want to achieve, and then turn them into affirmations.  If you want more money tell yourself daily throughout the day, ‘I am a money magnet’, ‘I m so grateful now that I am living in financial abundance’, ‘Money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple sources daily.’  If you want to be successful at work tell yourself daily, ‘I am successful’, ‘I am able to complete my work effortlessly and with ease’.  If you want to attract a relationship into your life, tell yourself, ‘My perfect partner is manifesting into my life now’, ‘I am attracting the perfect love’.  What ever it is you want, tell yourself daily you have it.  After practising this for a while you will begin to feel a shift within yourself, and you will begin to believe all of the things you are telling yourself, and remember you can have, and are able to be, whatever and whoever you want to be.

You have to allow yourself to believe you already have the thing you want, and you need to allow yourself to feel you already have the things you desire, and feel the feelings of already having them.  By doing this you will attract more of the things to keep giving you the feeling of already having whatever it is you want.

Alongside doing this, you will need to behave as though you already have what you want, everyday be optimistic be positive, go out of your way for people.  Compliment people, always go that extra mile, do as much as you can for others.  Whether that be complimenting someone on their new haircut or whether it be fetching someone their cup of tea, or if it means helping someone by reading over their report etc. Do it, do as much as you can, and whilst doing it, enjoy it.  Look at the difference you are making to others.  Feel the gratitude of having the tools to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! 🙂


Welcome, to your Inner Peace.

Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to my blog!  Thank you for visiting!

I decided to start my blog when I was going through a difficult time in my life.  It felt as if everything that could possibly go wrong had already gone wrong.  I went through a few months or torturing my self over thinking.  Then one day I borrowed my sister’s laptop and started writing.  After writing for what felt like an hour, I looked at the clock and five hours had passed.  WOW! I thought, not only had i released all of these thoughts from my mind, I noticeably felt loads better.  After months of over thinking, I began to realise, these thoughts, that had taken me five hours to get onto the laptop, had been circulating my head for months.  No wonder I felt so down, I hadn’t let anything good in.  From that moment something inside me clicked.  I went onto a number of websites including ‘marcandangel.com’ and ‘tinybuddha.com’.  After spending a considerable amount of time reading these articles, it occurred to me I wanted to blog.  I wanted others to know when they felt like they were on a downwards spiral, with no light at the end of the tunnel, that things are never as bad as they seem.  I wanted to share what I had come to learn over the years but had not put in to practice, life is all about perception.  Everything in life is how we see it, and ANY situation, is as bad or as good as the eyes from which you perceive it.

My advice always look for the good in everything.  Even when it seems there isn’t any, there is good in every situation, it’s just about finding it.  After doing this for a while you will notice your mind gets used to doing this, and soon it will seem like no effort.

Change your thoughts and your perception will change.  Always look for the beauty in life, and you will feel the beauty within, and all around you.

Thanks for taking the time out to read my first blog, watch this space, there shall be plenty more to come very soon.

Wishing you all love joy and happy thoughts! 🙂 xxx